Division 40mm Screens


40mm Division Screen System ( Upholstered in your choice of fabrics )

40mm Screen panels have a simple flexible link strip that slides down posts to join panels in any configuration.

Screens go to the floor in Heights of 1200 High, 1350 High,  1500 High, 1650 High, 1800 High and

Widths of  600 Wide, 750 Wide, 900 Wide, 1000 Wide, 1200 Wide, 1500 Wide, 1800 Wide, 2100 Wide.

Panels are upholstered in fabric with options of mid rails for colour changes or desk mounting brackets.

Also available as desk mounted screens 800mm High or 480mm High and attached with brackets.

They come as Flat top – Wave Top – Curved Top options and Acrylic Panels can be fitted into top section of screens.  Options of shelves, tool bars and accessories, freestanding feet.  Workstations can be screen hung or freestanding with many leg options.  Power and data run below desk in wire cable trays.

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